Some of the items in the list below are directly related to The Zorki Chronicles setting, story, and mood. Others have more oblique connections, but if you find them interesting, you might like the novel, and vice-versa.



198 Methods of Nonviolent Action - from the Albert Einstein Institute.  First published in 1973 by Dr. Gene Sharp in his book The Politics of Nonviolent Action. (Downloadable PDF)

Peace Jam – youth and Nobel Peace Laureates working together to change the world

Why is the military infiltrating peace activist groups?  This is a disturbing –though not surprising–story. Similar activities were common during the Vietnam era. Brought to you by The Nation, the oldest weekly magazine in the USA.


Vegan / Veg

Teen VGN – based in the UK, this teens-only  website has been set up as a Social Network for compassionate young people (age 12-19) to connect with each other and discuss their Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles! Teen VGN has a huge following on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, so get connected! @TeenVGN

Vegetarian Resource Group – a great organization based in Baltimore. They provide quality info for vegetarian and vegans.

Vegan Info Especially for Teens – from Vegetarian Resource Group. 20 different categories!

Vegetarians in Paradise – a Los Angeles-based Vegan Web Magazine, with bountiful resources including recipes, nutrition, reviews, and book suggestions.

PETA – People for the ethical treatment of animals. Their name says it all. PETA gets a lot of bad publicity and there are terrible rumors out there, especially online. If you take the time to track down the source of the negative information, you’ll find it comes from well-funded conservative groups and businesses who are terrified at the idea of losing their profits. These groups are making a carefully-calculated, systematic effort to discredit PETA and many other progressive organizations. Don’t take my word for this — any time you run into this kind of info, take the time to trace it back to its source and verify it for yourself.

Eco-Vegan Gal – Here’s a link to Whitney’s YouTube channel

More reasons to go vegan



Aro Meditation Resources – Aro is a Buddhist group in San Francisco who I believe do a good job of explaining what meditation is and its potential benefits.

Meditation FAQ from Aro


Nikola Tesla

PBS Special on Tesla – excellent website, check out Life and Legacy, Inside the Lab, Discussions, Resources.

Nikola Tesla – Wikipedia entry

Try  your local library for books about Tesla



Centralia, Pennsylvania – Wikipedia entry

Report on Centralia, Pennsylvania from Dr. Fullerm of Susquehanna University

Blog entry about Centralia with photos from a guy named Luke

Pennsylvania Coal Mine Fires – short article from Interesting Thing of the Day


Delaware River Viaduct

Delaware River Viaduct – located a short distance from my home, this relic from a bygone era served as the model for an important location in The Zorki Chronicles.

Paulinskill Viaduct – located seven miles from the Delaware River Viaduct, this bridge combined with the other in my imagination to become one location in the book.

Old film footage of trains passing over the DR Viaduct.



Mayor of Simpleton – XTC

We’re All Light – XTC

Playground – XTC

Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen

The River – Bruce Springsteen

Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die – Country Joe McDonald at Woodstock


Zorki Cameras

Zorki 10 – Miles’s camera

Zorki 10 – from Photoethnography

Technical info on Zorki cameras



Sling – Wikipedia entry

History Channel - could David have slain Goliath with a sling?

Sling video – as you can see, it’s possible to throw a stone at incredible speed with a simple sling. If you make one and experiment with it, make sure you are far away from any buildings, cars, etc. And, of course, never throw anything at another person or an animal.

Sling technique – if you try this, have fun and be safe!

Slinging stones – just for the cool sound it makes.