Some of these video excerpts were shot at the exact location the scene takes place in the book. Others were made nearby, and still others were made in locations that have nothing whatsoever to do with the story. I hope you enjoy the vids and they give you a sense of the book. Feel free to comment or subscribe on YouTube or email me with your thoughts.

This scene takes place in Times Square when Miles, Bird, and Katie take a road trip to Manhattan for a peace rally the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

It was fun reading while a Canadian tour group filled the steps of New York Public Library in back of me. In this excerpt, main street of Pocono Flats, PA, is described, and we meet Angie, who plays a key role later in the story.

Miles’ best friend, Bird, is introduced. Earlier in the story, Miles described Bird as, “one part Einstein, one part Gandhi, and one part Joe Strummer.”

In this scene, Kozlowski gives Miles the eyeball test, one day before Miss Ciazzo’s class.

Just after dawn on Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL. In this scene Miles and Bird reference Lawrence Ferlinghtti and the possibility that Miles may have earned a file at FBI headquarters in D.C. — for taking a picture of a picture.

In this scene we get a brief look at Katie and her unlikely outfits. Polachek mentions the function of team sports in our society and Miles tells his side of being “borderline proficient” in math on the Omni test.

While in In-school suspension, Miles describes his hometown and Pocono Flats High school. (Video made in Sarasota next to the beach. Sorry about the occasional wind noise in the mic.)

Miles reflects on his football and baseball talents while serving time in in-school suspension.

A description of the coal breaker located outside of Pocono Flats. I’m reading in the parking lot of the abandoned coal breaker just outside Mahanoy City, PA. It was my model for the one in the story.

Additional description by Miles Parker of the coal breaker located just outside Pocono Flats. I’m reading in the parking lot of the abandoned breaker near Mahanoy City, PA. It was my model for the one in the book, although it has changed a lot in appearance since my last visit. The brush and vines growing all over have been removed and the building is being dismantled. It doesn’t have the foreboding presence it once did, but I’m glad I was able to make this video before it’s gone.

Columbus Circle, New York City. The scene I’m reading takes place right across the street at the south entrance to Central Park. The metallic clank while I’m reading is from a sanitation engineer changing the bag in the trash bin. In the background, street skaters provide additional entertainment.

This scene, also from Columbus Circle in Manhattan, involves shenanigans, frogs, and Chinatown. Street skaters provide additional entertainment. Hope you enjoy. Comments are welcome, including video comments. The Zorki Chronicles is an Indy project, so if you’re a supporter please spread the word by sharing the link, subscribing to my channel, and, most importantly, telling your friends about it. Word-of-mouth is powerful, even in this age of electronics. Thanks, Peace, and Love.